Could your existing concrete do with a makeover? With the help of our team of Spraycrete Specialists in Brisbane, we can transform your dull and lifeless concrete into one of your home’s best features!

As the name suggests, spraycrete, which is also known as stencil crete and cover crete, is aimed at creating a unique and custom decorative finish on existing or new concrete floor surfacing. Whether your current concrete floor is looking tired and outdated or you simply want an alluring design to suit the concrete surface for your new custom home, our experienced and fully qualified team can assist. As a team that prides itself on quality and exceptional workmanship, you can rely on us for meticulous application and stunning designs!

With a variety of colours and stencils to choose from, we guarantee you won’t be short on choice when you choose East Coast Concreting’s spraycrete service. As a durable, slip resistant and decorative flooring option, spraycrete allows you to enjoy the benefits of concrete flooring with a touch of your own personal aesthetic.

Ideal for residential and commercial properties – Add your own personal aesthetic to your home or a unique flare to your place of business.
Customisable – There is an endless supply of designs, colours and textures to choose from.
Longevity – With the same strength as concrete with additional slip-resistant and hard wearing properties, you can rest assured that spraycrete is specially designed to last.
Non-slip properties – The thin coating of concrete will add additional traction to the surface, making it safe for both homes and business spaces.

Creating a stunning concrete finish has never been easier thanks to the help of spraycrete. To find out more about our spraycrete service, please contact our team today on 0433 374 876 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

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