Seeking a highly durable and reliable flooring surface? Look no further than epoxy flooring!

Unlike porous concrete flooring that is susceptible to spillage and permanent stains, epoxy flooring is specially designed as a high gloss coating applied to concrete floors to act as a hard wearing surface to withstand heavy traffic and spillage.

At East Coast Concreting, we are Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists in Brisbane. With our epoxy floor coating service, you’re guaranteed a meticulous application and stunning finish. Whether you’re looking for flooring for a residential or commercial property, epoxy floor coating is the perfect choice for those wanting a smooth and high performing flooring solution that doesn’t compromise on durability.

Above all else, the primary benefits to choosing epoxy flooring include:

Appearance: Boasting a professional, smooth and sophisticated finish suited to both residential properties and commercial spaces.
Affordability: In comparison to flooring alternatives of a similar standard, epoxy is considerably more cost-effective.
Durability: Due to the epoxy coating, concrete floors are significantly more resistant to general wear and tear and subsequently last much longer.
Time efficient: Epoxy flooring is a relatively simple and easy installation process, meaning less down-time for your business.
Low maintenance & easy to clean: As epoxy floor coating is non-porous, it won’t stain, leave permanent marks, grease or cracks. Due to the high-gloss, it is easy to clean.

To find out more about our quality epoxy floor coating service, please call our team today on 0433 374 876 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

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